Out with the old, in with the new (Shoes!)

You kicked off 2018 on the right foot with the John Daley Memorial One One Run, now you have to keep that momentum going through the rest of spring! Are your winter running shoes muddy, worn-out, or just "so last year"? A couple of our expert staff at Gazelle Sports have provided reviews on a few shoes that HOKA ONE ONE has to offer:

“I LOVE Hoka. I actually wear them full time now after trying them this summer. I started with running in Bondi 5, but I now stick to the Clifton 4 that came out over the summer. I also just tried the Mach for a few runs and faster workouts and love them as well!!! The new Mach in the fly collection is really something. For someone looking for a more responsive shoe for faster workouts on pavement or track, I was happy to find this shoe. It has the same Hoka cushion in the heel that I have come to love after a year long battle with plantar-fasciitis. But, the toe is so much more responsive which makes it ideal for going fast!! Fast comfort! That is an idea I can get behind. The Mach is also super light. I couldn't believe how light these shoes are for how comfortable they are. Great shoe, I love it." - Maria McDonald, Gazelle Sports staff and HOKA ONE ONE lover

"I wear the Mach. I love this shoe because it’s lightweight, breathes well, and keeps me on my toes. I especially enjoy it for workouts and speed work.”- Benjamin Seiderman, Gazelle Sports staff and raving HOKA ONE ONE fan

Not only does HOKA ONE ONE provide the cushion our staff loves, but they are a HUGE supporter of the One One Run- The One One Run and HOKA ONE ONE getting things done done for the Kalamazoo community!

Want to learn more about the HOKA ONE ONE shoes available at Gazelle Sports? Stop in any of our locations, or check out gazellesports.com!

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