We opened our doors in Kalamazoo in 1953, and we’re here to enhance the quality of life of young people through education, art, health and recreation, especially for those who need us most.

Thousands of boys and girls each year take part in our free programs and receive our services, sometimes as basic as breakfast or lunch, sometimes dealing with the complex issues of growing up, living in a difficult situation, struggling in school and developing mentally, physically and emotionally.

We’re currently offering virtual reading support and academic assistance for students, still providing meals and social and academic programs when possible. Our first concern, of course, is safety, so we’re taking supreme caution in the current COVID and other enriching experiences all available in the safe environment of Boys & Girls Clubs.  Our work is only possible with generous support from people like you. To learn more, go to www.bgckzoo.org, To look at giving options over and above your entry fee, visit here.