Making It Special!

Seriously, have you set goals for 2021? Or, is more of the same going to do it for you?

Either way, you can start the year out fast. And then, as our dear Gazelle Sports friend and long-time One One Run supporter, Chris Lampen-Crowell, says, “Keep Moving!”

Here’s what we’ve got in store:

  • Long-sleeve, wicking t-shirt. Take a look at this year’s logo and just think how impressed your friends will be. You must register by December 15 in order to get a shirt.
  •  Personalized bibs! Wear it or proudly display it in your office. Or do you still go into the office?  
     Personalized bibs for people who register by December 15.
  • 16 different race courses. Or create your own. See the ones we created here.
  • Results. Go here to read all about results and how to submit them.

And, don’t make us create all the fun. Add your own 2021 theme or scheme to the festivities. Run it backwards. Or with a snow shovel. Challenge your sister-in-law and tell her you’ll name below yours in the results. Pay the entry fee for a friend. Are there ugly New Year’s sweaters?